Madhumati Manda

Art is a very dear friend. We go back a long way ... almost right back to my first memories! Great times of understanding companionship.
Since then .... there have been ups and downs and gaps in our meetings, whenever Life has stepped in to induce me to fulfil other responsibilities. Still.... painting remained and still is my refuge and solace, the best way to run away without being invisible ! 
There have been different stages in my painting process- the initial years were more to do with learning tehniques, perfecting them and hoing my skills as much as possible. Along the way I gradually discovered my own language - marked preferences for certain ways of expressing myself and my mediums. These preferences keep changing subtly as an artist reacts to life and life responds to change. The subject matter varies... The future is vague and the past is no longer relevant, so I immerse myself in the present and respond to the 'Now' in my surroundings. The rest comes from doodles and experimentation ..... basically letting the paint run as it will .... Art has to be authentic to ring true so I let the colours be my tools of expression.
I tend to use strong primary hues to portray the common vigorous aspects of life. Glimpses of the abstract penetrate through the use of light and shadow, particularly that mysterious movement of light, which flows through everything and create the atmosphere I visualise.
My preferred medium used to be Oil on Canvas, the palette knife being one of my favourite tools. Lately, I have gone back to my beloved water colours, which was my first learning medium. There's endless learning and discovery through experimentation with this medium; for texture and effect I often use a scrubber, a sponge, kitchen cloth, crumpled paper, a syringe, clingfilm, my own hands .... Accidental effects are the most exciting as I often dont know how a painting will look in the end!
Light is very central to my work. I am always seeking light amidst all the colours, hues and forms. Through the worst of times, this search  has led me to renewed hope - light which can elevate a mundane matter to a sublime sphere, creating atmosphere and imagery!
In Art, I have found my path while also losing myself in bewilderment and wonder. As long as I can so lose myself, I shall happily paint along ....sometimes stopping in interesting places to discover things anew.