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Madhumati Manda

  Madhumati Manda spent her early days growing up in Kolkata, India where she painted from an early age. She chose to pursue a career in the arts and went on to graduate in Fine Arts from Kalabhavan, Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan in 1999. Since then she has continued to paint and exhibit artwork and also runs workshops in expressive art and art therapy.

   Madhumati paints in a free impressionistic style; her subjects are atmospheric in. nature, whether its landscape or a figurative composition. After having moved to UK in 2005, she currently resides in the West Coast of Scotland, Ayr and has been, since, fascinated by the light and hues of the surrounding landscape and moody weather. Her vibrant, upbeat palette captures the extremes of light and colour in Scottish landscape; whether it’s an intimate woodland scene or an expansive shoreline, her artworks are meticulously thought out pushed to creative limits to communicate a strong sense of atmosphere and emotional engagement. With her distinctive style, she  uses bold brushwork and unconventional mediums to create texture and interest and portray a sense of motion and movement. Her mediums range from watercolour to Oils on canvas and is often a blend of mixed media.

    Madhumati’s paintings have been curated by local galleries as well as in private collections over the world, also exhibited at several art fairs. She has also had several successful solo shows and is currently actively engaged in building resource and research for further art workshops and creative therapy.

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